Staining and Cleaning

Reeves & Poole paints are washable but it is important to remember that tempera is paint and any paint can leave a stain. We therefore recommend that children using paint should wear a protective smock or old clothes and that surfaces be covered to minimize stains from paint spills (our washable Funstuff® Stain Saver mat works well for this purpose). While R & P Paints may often be removed from most fabrics, certain types of fabrics (especially delicate fabrics or those containing synthetic fibres) are more likely to stain than others. We recommend the following procedures for treatment of spills on clothing:

  1. Spills which are still wet should be treated like a blood spill: allow cold water to flow through the fabric from the back while gently rubbing the affected area with a finger. Afterwards, wash with mild soap in cool water.
  2. Where the spill has dried, gently scrape the dried surface paint off the front of the spill while still dry and then treat as above.
  3. Never use hot water as this will tend to set stains. More stubborn stains may be treated with a stain remover but may require more than 1 washing.
  4.  Since Reeves & Poole paints are made with pigments, many of which are chosen to fade in strong light, most remaining stains will disappear when the garment is hung in the sun.


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