Support and Safety Information

Support and Safety Information

Safety of Reeves & Poole Temperas and Finger-paints

Reeves & Poole Group Inc. is a member of the Art & Creative Materials Institute which is an industry sponsored independent body set up to administer a stringent set of toxicity and quality standards. The safety standards themselves have been developed by the Occupational Health and Safety Department of Duke University, a world renowned authority in this field, in conjunction with U.S. government agencies such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Occupational Safety & Health Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency. All A.C.M.I. members’ products must be approved by the independent toxicologists at Duke in order to have the right to bear the AP and CP seals of the Institute.

Formulations for Reeves & Poole Group liquid tempera, powder tempera and finger-paint have been approved by Duke and are entitled to use the seals.

Reeves & Poole paints also conform easily to Canadian Government Regulations which limit the levels of heavy metals in toys.

In addition, all these products have achieved the quality standards of the American National

Standards Institute (ANSI) Z-356.

Imported Art Paints and Drawing Materials

All imported products meet the AP, ASTM and/or CE (European Union) regulations for children’s art materials.

Allergy Concerns

We do not allow the use of nuts, peanuts, natural latex, gluten, dairy or egg by-products in any of our products.

Environmental Concerns

Indiscriminate use of preservatives may interfere with the bacterial action in municipal sewer systems. All preservatives used in Reeves & Poole paints are formulated to be safe in this respect and are approved by the EPA (U.S.) and local environmental authorities.

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Allergy Concerns

We do not allow the use of nuts, peanuts, natural latex, gluten, dairy or egg by-products in any of our products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a child with allergies. What products are safe?

A:  Our Funstuff® Liquid Tempera Paint and Children’s Choice Liquid Tempera Paint do not contain, dairy, egg or egg derivatives, nor wheat products and are gluten free.

They are water based, and contain Corn Starch, inorganic colour pigment for washability, and a cosmetic grade clay as a thickener. 

All colours are certified non-toxic, non-hazardous, and are not WHMIS controlled. The ACMI confirms them to be ASTM-D 4236 classified.

Our Plastimodal® Modeling Clay contains corn starch to be gluten free, with vegetable oil and inorganic colour pigments. It also has ASTM-D 4236 certification.